Cerdant provides the highest quality managed security services.

About Cerdant

Cerdant was founded nearly two decades ago by a group of business and security professionals who believe that the cybersecurity offerings in the market today fall short of the needs of most businesses.

Some managed security services are simply too expensive and require dedicated staff to maintain and monitor or they fail to meet the comprehensive security required to protect your network and data.

At Cerdant, we believe that protecting your systems and your information shouldn’t disrupt your operations or your profitability. Our team of professionals have been trained to provide the highest level of managed security services in the industry and we have tailored our solutions to meet the needs of nearly any size company.

Today, we have customers in every US state and we monitor thousands of locations all over the world. Our success as a managed security service provider has been fueled by our relentless dedication to providing the highest quality managed security services in the industry.

What We Do.

We are 100% focused on cybersecurity. Our team of professionals possess skills and certifications across the spectrum of cybersecurity disciplines. We work to prevent threats by supporting best-in-class managed security solutions technologies like SonicWall, Cylance and Proofpoint and we monitor networks 24/7 for threats that make it past those defenses.

Each day, we process billions of cybersecurity events. We have developed a state-of-the-art threat detection platform that processes those events to identify, analyze, correlate and deliver only those events that are significant to our SOC Security Analyst Team. When a threat occurs, we work with you to identify the appropriate steps to reduce the risk and eliminate the threat.

Our Goal

Maintaining a secure network isn’t easy. It takes time, effort and skills that are hard to find. Most companies lack the resources to implement and maintain an effective strategy for protecting their networks. That’s what we do. As a managed security solutions provider, our goal is to provide a complete and comprehensive solution that provides the highest quality service that meets the security and compliance needs of any size of business.

But even more importantly, our goal is to be the best partner for every one of our customers, every day. We practice extreme customer service and we’re so confident that you’ll agree, we don’t require long-term contracts. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel the service at any time without penalty. Keeping our existing customers happy is as important to us as acquiring new ones.