Network Security Solutions for K-12 and Higher Education

Educational institutions are faced with very different cybersecurity challenges compared to traditional business networks. Allow student access while controlling threats to security with Cerdant’s managed network security solutions for educational institutions.

Demand for bandwidth increases at a pace many times faster than enrollment. Networks are constantly threatened by viruses and other malicious attacks from both the inside and out.

The challenges to network security for schools are often much greater than for normal businesses. The threats most often come from within and are amplified by the sheer number of devices connecting to the network. Educational institutions from elementary schools to colleges and universities continually battle viruses and other malicious software as well as applications such as YouTube and Netflix that consume bandwidth.

Cerdant specializes in network design and managed information security for higher education institutions and K-12 school districts. We provide a variety of products and services designed to keep networks safe as well as help meet government regulations such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

network security for education

We’re not just another equipment vendor. We are a team of network and security specialists who will make sure that your implementation goes smoothly and that your networks will be secure.

Currently Cerdant provides managed security services to over 100 K12 school districts, private schools and major colleges and universities. Our customers have enrollment of as few as 300 students and ranges to enrollment of over 50,000 students. Most of Cerdant’s products and services are also eligible for E-Rate funding.

Cerdant specializes in a variety of solutions for education environments including:

Cerdant Security Assurance Plan deployment

Firewall management

Threat Detection

Content Management

Bandwidth Management

Secure Remote Access

Real-time network monitoring

Wireless network design

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K-12 School District Security Solutions

Most K-12 schools have limited personnel and budgets to address network security issues. Technology coordinators generally have too many systems and too few hours to keep up with the latest security threats and finding the balance between student access to online resources and the need to implement effective security policies is often an uphill battle. Furthermore, school districts are increasingly vulnerable to data breaches due to the amount of personal student data on hand making Information security services for K-12 schools that much more important.

At Cerdant, we work directly with our customers to develop scalable and cost-effective managed network security solutions for K-12 school districts. From secure wireless network design, to content access management and data breach protection, our team of highly trained network security engineers will act as an extension of your existing IT team to provide expert support and management of your security infrastructure whenever you need us.

Higher Education Security Solutions

Higher Education Security Solutions

IT professionals at the College and University level often face the arduous task of managing systems to protect sensitive data while also promoting the free flow of information. On-campus student populations can pose the challenge of controlling bandwidth utilization from streaming media services and managing access to potentially harmful content. In addition, infected student PCs can create a variety of problems for the campus network. What starts as a small network problem can easily grow into a major campus-wide disruption.

With Cerdant’s managed security service for higher education, you can support the needs of faculty and students while relying on a trusted partner to help manage the systems that protect data and optimize network performance. Our service combines perimeter security management, network traffic reporting, threat detection and expert support to provide a truly comprehensive and cost-effective managed security solution.