Extreme Networks Wireless Network Design and Management

At Cerdant, our customers trust us to provide wireless network design and managed wireless network solutions that are not only reliable but are built to exceed security expectations and will scale to meet future wireless communication needs.

Our wireless site survey services combined with our best in class managed wireless network solutions ensure that your wireless network is designed with your specific environment and business needs in mind.

Proper planning is at the forefront of every successful wireless implementation.

Everywhere you look, it is obvious that wireless technology is used very differently than it was 10 years ago. Today, business of all shapes and sizes rely on wireless networks to support mission critical applications and to provide the same level of reliability as the wired network. And when it comes to wireless network planning and design, we understand that no two environments are the same. There are a variety of regularly unaccounted for factors that can cause major reliability and performance issues if not accounted for properly from the start. These unique factors include, but are not limited to channel interference, improper placement, dead-zones and a variety of building materials that can be significant signal inhibitors. Our highly trained team of wireless network design experts will work with you to develop a full understanding of your environment by developing a thorough outline of network use goals and security needs and will utilize space blueprints in order to design a wireless plan that exceeds your expectations and is scalable for future needs. Our primary objective is to build a highly secure and reliable wireless network that uses the fewest number of access points with optimal placement. We accomplish this during each wireless site survey deployment by combining our extensive knowledge of wireless products and protocols with use of industry best mapping software.

As an expert wireless site survey and managed wireless network solution provider, we remove the burden of deploying and managing wireless networks on your own.

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Extreme Networks for Secure and Reliable Wireless

There are many wireless products on the market today that offer a variety of valuable features and functionality. At Cerdant, we chose to support and deploy Extreme Networks wireless access points in our customer environments because of the commitment to providing reliability, security and simplicity from top to bottom. As an experienced Extreme Networks partner and reseller, we have built a team of experts who understand your wireless needs and design unified wireless networks by leveraging Extreme’s one of a kind ExtremeCloud IQ management platform and advanced data insights. We also utilize Extreme Networks Wi-Fi planning tools and the best wireless industry mapping software to ensure that each access point is placed strategically and performing optimally in every customer environment. Contact us today for a product demo and review of your wireless network needs.

Managed Wireless Network Solutions

We partner with businesses of all types and sizes to ease the burden of managing a wireless network. As an experienced managed security service provider, we understand the variety of responsibilities modern IT professionals are now faced with. We also understand how difficult it can be to maintain expert level knowledge on all of the technology you support. With Cerdant’s managed wireless network solutions, our team of experienced wireless experts will work with you to manage regular changes in design and configuration to ensure that issues are addressed quickly and efficiently to maintain a highly reliable user experience. Many solutions providers in our space will limit the number of requests you can make in a given timeframe. At Cerdant, we understand that our customer’s needs change and don’t believe in placing limits on support requests. We have also developed several levels of support to cater both to those with basic wireless support needs, as well as those utilizing the more advanced capabilities of the wireless products we support.

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Wireless for Business Networks

Business are using wireless for communication in ways previous unheard of, which has also created a variety of challenges in terms of user access, bandwidth needs and performance optimization. There are few things more damaging to business objectives than a teleconference wrought with technology performance issues. At Cerdant, we have invested countless testing and training hours into ensuring that we understand how your business tools communicate in order to configure the allocation of network resources to maintain optimal performance. We also help maintain the appropriate access and ease of access to business resources by integrating with network authentication through any LDAP server.

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Be Our Guest

Properly establishing a guest wireless network is one of the most common mistakes we see in wireless network planning. Whether you have actual guests visiting your business that you provide internet access to as a courtesy, or you provide a guest network for employees to use personal devices on, it is essential that it is segmented properly to prevent unauthorized access to business resources. We help customers offer this internet access by designing a guest wireless network that does not drain bandwidth from business-critical systems and ensure that only those with the appropriate guest credentials are able to access the network.

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Wireless for Today’s Consumer

The modern consumer is increasingly demanding new ways to obtain special offers from their favorite stores and restaurants, in addition to internet access for the ability to work on the go from their favorite places. Cerdant has worked with retailers, restaurants and fitness clubs across the country to build secure wireless networks that exceed PCI Compliance requirements and ensure performance so that customers can quickly access the products and services you’re offering. Proper design, technology and resource allocation is essential in creating an enjoyable guest experience. These pieces are also key in making sure that in store tablets and kiosks perform to your customer’s expectations.