Network Security Solutions for the Finance Industry

Maintain customer confidence and compliance while protecting your valuable data with Cerdant’s financial industry managed security solutions. Supporting banks, credit unions, and FINTECH.

If you are an IT professional in the Financial Services industry, you are glaringly aware that your industry is heavily targeted by cybercriminals.

Banks and financial institutions continue to face significant and growing risks from a broad range of cyber threats and adversaries. Hackers are continually attacking the networks of financial institutions with the primary goal of transferring funds from customer accounts or extracting personal information. This makes it critical for the health of your company that you uphold high financial institution security standards.

Customers need to know that their information, funds, and privacy are safe in your hands from attacks, breaches, and fraud. Financial institutions across the US rely on Cerdant as a trusted partner to provide security consulting and effectively manage their network security solutions.

Financial Services & Bank Network Security Solutions

Cerdant offers a comprehensive managed network security solution for banks and financial institutions that combines next generation perimeter defense, intrusion detection, advanced network traffic reporting, data retention that exceeds industry standards and round the clock support and change management. Cerdant’s team of highly trained network security engineers is at your disposal to help you fight fraud and cyber-attacks with high-efficiency and a powerful array of tools and services. We are here to help meet the critical burden of maintaining network security and protecting infrastructure while also being mindful of financial industry compliance in order to uphold brand reputation and consumer confidence.

Protecting Customer Data

Protecting Customer Data

Data security in the financial services industry encompasses protecting a wide variety of information. A broad range of responsibilities and limited time and resources often make it difficult to have constant visibility into what is happening on your network.

Your ability to detect and respond to threats quickly is often a large contributor in maintaining overall network security control. Cerdant’s Sentry Threat Detection solution ensures that your firewall logs and security events are monitored so that threats against your valuable data are evaluated and responded to in a timely manner.

Maintaining Financial Industry Compliance

Maintaining Financial Industry Compliance

The layers of regulations and standards in the financial service industry can make it difficult to check every box on the long list of compliance requirements, whether it be for GLBA, PCI DSS or any number of other compliance frameworks. With Cerdant, you have a team of experts providing round the clock managed security consulting on your side to ensure that you are meeting the high demand of financial institution security standards.

We offer up to a rolling 12 months of data retention and reporting to assist with financial data security compliance, as well as Sentry Threat Detection to our customers in the financial services and banking industry.