Government Network Security Solutions

Manage cybersecurity risks and protect your network with Cerdant’s managed security solutions for federal, state and local governments.

Cyber criminals constantly look for ways to attack systems at the federal, state and local levels.

In the past few years high profile incidents at the federal level have filled headlines, such as the breach at the Office of Personnel Management in 2015 which resulted in the theft of 22 million personnel records by Chinese hackers. And recently in 2018 the city of Atlanta lost key systems for 5 days during a ransomware attack seeking $50,000. Yet despite the constant news of cyber incidents in all forms of government, agencies continue to be plagued by these events.

There are many reasons for this. To begin with, government agencies have money, information and too often, they have poorly guarded yet complex systems. Agencies often lack the skills and resources to create a security policy and implement the technology required to address the need. At Cerdant, we understand the unique challenges government agencies face and have the right managed security solutions to provide comprehensive and effective cyber security protection.

government cybersecurity solutions
Government Network Security Solutions

Cerdant’s full suite of enterprise managed security services will supplement and strengthen your existing infrastructure with solutions such as secure network design, managed firewalls, email security, threat detection and endpoint protection. Our goal is to provide comprehensive cyber protection from the perimeter all the way to the endpoint.

managed security services for governments

Federal, State, or Local Governments

No matter your size, we can provide you with customized and cost-effective managed cyber security solutions that meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a fully managed network security program, or just a few supplemental layers of security, our government cyber security solutions can be tailored to fill your security and staffing gaps as needed. Our customers also enjoy the benefit of 24/7 expert support, change management and the network monitoring that they need to solve issues quickly and efficiently with a dedicated and high-quality technical support staff.

managed security services for governments

Protect Your Sensitive Information

Proactive security monitoring and threat detection is one of the most important pieces of a cybersecurity plan within the different levels of government. But, it is often too cumbersome to manage internally and outside services can be cost prohibitive. Cerdant’s managed security service combines enterprise level firewall management with our proprietary Sentry threat detection system to ensure that your network traffic is being properly monitored and security events are being detected and responded to in a timely manner. We also take the lead on setting up user access controls to mitigate risk and configure your firewall for optimal network performance.