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Logically is an award-winning national Managed Services Provider with offices located across the United States. Our mission is to enable small and midsized organizations to achieve their business objectives through information technology. To do that, our customers need a trusted IT ally with a wide and deep bench of IT talent with expertise in emerging and critical technologies such as cloud, cybersecurity, Office 365, mobility, and how the modern workplace operates. A trusted IT ally that can deliver reliability and operational excellence at an affordable price. A trusted IT ally like Logically.

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We know you may have questions about Cerdant becoming a business unit of Logically and what it means to you. To start sharing important information, we have provided the answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs). Rest assured that our number one goal is to delight our customers. Our near-term focus is to ensure we continue to provide the high level of service you have come to expect, while enhancing our current offerings and capabilities to drive increased business value for you. We hope the answers below address many of the questions on your mind and provide helpful clarity and direction. If you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to Dan Grady. Thank you for trusting us to serve your business needs. We’re committed to provide you with service levels to exceed your expectations and be your trusted IT ally!


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1. Why did Cerdant join Logically?

As part of ongoing planning, the leadership team at Cerdant had extensive conversations about the direction of the company and how best to achieve business success and growth while continuing to enhance customer relationships. Of the options discussed, joining forces with Logically was the clear choice.

Cerdant and Logically share a common set of values and commitment to customers. The joining of forces plays a significant role in helping us to expand our offerings to include both traditional managed services and security. The superb security services you’ve come to expect from Cerdant will now be augmented with Logically’s premier solutions, providing you the opportunity to include remote monitoring and alerting, remote patch management and remediation, IT ecosystem performance optimization, backups, software and hardware lifecycle management, and more. In fact, we are a one-stop shop for all of your IT support and security needs.

With Cerdant, we achieve our growth strategy to become a top 10 Managed Service Provider in the United States. The two companies together are a great fit, both strategically and culturally.

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2. What is the Logically vision, mission and core values?

Logically’s passion is to provide valuable technology services to our clients. We thrive on enabling small and midsize organizations to achieve exceptional results by leveraging information technology. Additionally, we aspire to transform the MSP industry and IT delivery through automation, enhanced security, and unparalleled levels of customer service. We will do this by delivering a superior customer experience and enabling our customers to achieve extraordinary results.

Our values are very important to us. Here are the values we take pride in and strive to bring to life every day:

  • We are Customer-Centric
  • We Value Quality Relationships
  • We are Nimble and Innovative
  • We are Accountable – Aligned with our Customers
  • We are Committed to Doing the Right Things, Right!
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3. How will this acquisition affect the service I receive? Will existing quotes, prices, and contracts be honored?

We are working hard to ensure that this transition is as seamless as possible to our customers. This means that in the near term you will not see any changes to your entitlements, contracts, quotes, and services. Over time, as we merge our service offerings, we may make new services, features and capabilities available to ensure your ongoing IT excellence. You will still work with the same teams you have in the past, and request service in the same way. All existing service schedules will continue as-is without interruption. Our commitment to “always doing the right thing” is as strong as ever.

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4. Why is this good for customers?

Logically is committed to be the leader in operational and technical excellence. We pride ourselves on working with every customer to deliver world-class technology solutions tailored to their needs.

By broadening our service portfolio, we are able to offer mature and emerging technologies across the entire managed services and security landscape, thus deepening our value to you. Together, Cerdant and Logically are well-positioned to be a one-stop shop that addresses the full spectrum of IT needs. You can expect to see continued innovation from us in the months and years ahead.

At the end of the day, our number one priority is to serve our customers with excellence and to enable their business success. We strive for all of our customers to realize greater value from the increased strength of the combined Cerdant and Logically teams.

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5. Will this change how I request service? Where and to whom do I send payments? Will I still interact with the same managed services team/professional services team?

The simple answer to the above questions is that there will be no major changes. You will still request service in the same way. Existing email addresses, phone numbers, and portal access will continue to work. You will still remit payment in the manner to which you are accustomed.

In due time, there will be new email addresses for the Cerdant team, but all the existing email addresses will be automatically forwarded so no worries about disruptions.

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6. Where does Logically have offices and technicians?

Logically has offices in the following cities:

  • Portland, Maine (Headquarters)
  • San Diego, California
  • Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Wallingford, Connecticut
  • Yorktown Heights, New York
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Danbury, Connecticut
  • Dublin, Ohio
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7. What are the plans for Cerdant offices and people?

Having a major presence in Dublin, OH is critical to Logically’s strategy. In fact, the geographical location of Cerdant, along with the addition of employees with advanced security expertise, were key elements that made this deal attractive and possible. The people and our customers in Ohio and across the United States are an extremely valuable resource for us and we expect the team to continue to grow.

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8. Will the current CEO, leaders, account managers, and employees of Cerdant be retained?

We are excited that Mike Johnson will remain on staff through the end of 2021. Mike is an entrepreneur and has a proven track record promoting and growing businesses within the MSSP sector and will provide assistance and guidance to ensure we preserve all of Cerdant’s exclusive value.

It is our intent to nourish the strong talent pool (leaders and individual contributors) that exist at Cerdant, as this knowledgeable team of IT security experts are critical to the success of our customers and our future growth plans.

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9. Will Logically provide regular communications with Cerdant customers?

Yes! The combined Cerdant and Logically team will keep you informed about what is going on. We are excited to share new capabilities and service enhancements with you. For the foreseeable future, you will continue to receive the same types of communication as you do today and interact with the same website.

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10. Will the Cerdant brand remain?

For the foreseeable future, Cerdant will keep its established name and brand identity and operate as a subsidiary of Logically.

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11. How will Logically integrate Cerdant?

We have established an Integration Management Office (IMO) that is spearheaded by our Chief Administrative Officer, Ron Lugo. The IMO applies industry best practices that ensure processes, systems, technologies, organizations, and people are integrated in a manner that minimizes disruption and also focuses on enabling a broader set of capabilities for our customers. As previously mentioned, our goal is to ensure we offer you, our valued customer, a broader suite of IT managed services and security that will continue to drive business value for you.