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Healthcare Industry Cyber Security Solutions

The ever changing role of technology in healthcare has brought increased risk of cyber attacks. Cerdant helps you protect patient information with comprehensive healthcare managed cybersecurity solutions.

As hospitals and medical offices have moved from paper records to electronic records, the risk of patient information being breached has increased exponentially.

The digitization of information and the value of patient records on the black market has attracted cybercriminals looking to steal patient data through vulnerabilities in network infrastructure. It’s extremely important in healthcare industry cybersecurity to be proactive—instead of reactive—to fight healthcare fraud and data breaches. Cerdant’s healthcare cybersecurity solutions help providers and industry professionals protect sensitive patient information and ensure a reliable network with reduced downtime.

In addition, the burden of maintaining HIPAA compliance for healthcare providers and staffing appropriately to build an effective security infrastructure is often difficult to meet due to staffing and budget constraints. Cerdant partners with hospitals, doctors offices, healthcare centers and assisted living facilities across the country to provide managed healthcare cybersecurity solutions that assist with industry compliance, patient information security and network uptime and support.

Secure Remote Access

With the increase in use of mobile devices to send and receive patient information and administer patient care, it’s important that as information is accessed, it’s protected against theft and fraud. Cerdant’s managed security solutions for the healthcare industry will help you manage secure remote access, allowing doctors, patients, and healthcare professionals to securely access the information they need, no matter where they are.

Network Outages

Healthcare is a round the clock business and patient care is critical, which is why Cerdant provides network uptime monitoring 24x7x365 to be there for you in the event of a network outage. Our proprietary systems will constantly monitor your network uptime and will detect if your network loses connectivity. In the event this happens, Cerdant’s Network Remediation Team will notify you of the outage so that troubleshooting can begin. We will even remediate the outage all the way to the ISP level on your behalf so that you can focus on supporting your business.

HIPAA Compliance

Maintaining HIPAA compliance is often demanding for healthcare providers and failure to do so can be costly to both reputation and your bottom line. Healthcare institutions of all types and sizes work with Cerdant as a trusted business associate to help manage and monitor critical network security systems. Cerdant’s comprehensive managed security service offers several layers of network protection to meet a variety of compliance needs. These services include:

  • Managed Next Generation Firewall
  • Threat and Intrusion Detection
  • Data Retention and Reporting
  • Secure Wireless Network Planning
  • Next Generation Endpoint Control
  • Email Security

Cerdant’s healthcare network security solutions were created with your greatest network security challenges in mind and meet a variety of regulatory needs.

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