Cerdant has Customers in Every State & in Several Foreign Countries, Managing Security in Every Market Segment

We’ve been in business for nearly two decades and have seen tremendous growth over that time.

But what sets us apart from nearly all others in this business is that nearly all our growth has been the result of referrals from either our technology partners or our customers. The reason is simple. We’re the best at what we do and because we take care of our customers and deliver value every single day, others recognize that and they’re willing to make those recommendations that result in growth.

Today, our very first customer is still a customer, but if at any time we fail to deliver the service we promise they are free to go. A few years ago, we took the extraordinary step of eliminating long term contracts. That is virtually unheard of in our industry. But since we have always been confident of our abilities and because our customers rarely ever leave, we removed that barrier so that the next customer who may not have heard of us can use our services with confidence. Then it’s up to us to make sure they never want to leave.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch our video and read some of our testimonials and case studies.