Network Security Solutions for Retail & Hospitality

Distributed enterprises in the retail and hospitality markets are challenged by the increasing demands of PCI compliance and maintaining a secure network. Cerdant provides managed security services for merchants of all kinds specifically designed to meet your cybersecurity needs.

It is no secret that cybersecurity in distributed enterprises must constantly evolve to keep up with today’s advanced threats from organized cybercrime groups.

As breaches of consumer data continue to get high profile media attention, we truly understand how costly a data breach can be to both your bottom line and your brand reputation. We also understand how costly and time consuming managing a network security and compliance program for a network of retail locations can be. Our suite of retail network security solutions was built to help you bridge the gap between security and PCI compliance. We work with our customers in the multi-unit restaurant and retail industries every day to tackle the challenges associated with the increasing demands of PCI compliance along with the costs of running a secure network. Whether you need just basic POS network management assistance or a comprehensive package that addresses support, security and compliance, we offer retail cyber security solutions that evolve with both your needs and industry regulations.

retail & hospitality cybersecurity solutions
pci level 1 compliance

Being confident in your managed retail cybersecurity provider is as important as the confidence you have in your technology solutions. We proudly support SonicWall firewalls in our customer environments and have a large team of dedicated SonicWall certified engineers available 24/7 that can solve any network or configuration problem. In most cases, any changes to the network or firewall settings can be accomplished in minutes. There is no limit to the amount of assistance that can be requested for a low, fixed monthly fee.

Remote Implementation

Safety First. Always.

Cerdant has developed a state-of-the-art system designed to detect a threat to the network in the form of viruses, spyware, ransomware, hackers and other malicious activity. Cerdant retail network security personnel investigate incidents detected by the system and proactively work with you to resolve the issue.

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Round-The-Clock Monitoring

Most DSL and cable providers do not monitor the customer endpoints or initiate a response to outages. We know how important network uptime is to the success of your business. Cerdant’s retail network monitoring system constantly determines whether the network connectivity at each location is operating properly. In the event of a failure, Cerdant personnel work quickly to solve the issue and prevent it from happening again.

Remote Implementation

Remote Implementation

Our industry experience enables us to quickly design secure POS networks and work with any staff member on site to complete hardware installation. For large retail installations that require on-site assistance with configuration, cabling and deployment of the networking equipment, Cerdant can provide a custom solution designed to meet the customer’s needs regardless of the location.

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The Wireless Age

Achieve secure private wireless for in store kiosk ordering while also offering guest Wi-Fi services and obtain analytics for your business. Cerdant has a variety of retail cyber security solutions designed to meet the wireless needs of the retail customer.

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Beyond the Industry Standard

Each year new rules are added to the PCI specifications that create an extra burden for retail companies. Often, they fail to meet all of the requirements simply because they lack the resources and technology to do so. We have developed a custom retail network security solution that will meet or exceed PCI requirements and simplifies the process with your time in mind.

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Seamless Repair & Replacement

Cerdant retail cyber security keeps hot spares of every supported unit in the field. In addition, we backup the configuration of every device every night.

In the event of a failure, a device is quickly configured and shipped overnight. When it arrives, it is ready to replace the defective device without any configuration, thus reducing downtime and revenue loss.