Secure Wireless Network Design Solutions & Support

At Cerdant, we are the trusted experts for wireless network security solutions with the knowledge and technical skills to deploy secure wireless solutions in nearly every environment.

Our wireless network design services ensure that your existing and future needs will be met by a robust, well-designed and secure wireless network.

Solving wireless challenges is what we do.

As your business grows, your wireless network should grow with you. Your business’s wireless network needs to be able to handle changing security and internet connectivity demands. It should also be designed to perform properly within your unique environment.

Wired networks are easy. Wireless networks, not as much. With wired networks, the signal travels over a known path of wires and equipment. Wireless travels through the air, concrete, drywall, and all types of unknown construction materials. Interference from other sources and materials can have a dramatic impact on performance. And the constantly changing standards for wireless make it difficult to connect all your devices at the fastest speed. In addition, a wireless signal is probably visible to people you don’t want to have access to your network.

As an experienced wireless network design solution provider, we remove the headache and uncertainty of deploying and managing wireless networks.

 Secure Wireless Network Design Solutions and Support
Our Wireless Network Design Process

Our Wireless Network Design Process

With Cerdant’s wireless network design services, our team of highly-trained and knowledgeable wireless design experts will analyze your needs, create a network design that works for you, and ensure it has the essential capabilities for your company to be successful.

We begin with an interview that determines how you plan to use your wireless network. Then we utilize industry-best mapping software to determine the best placement of wireless access points. Our goal is to provide consistent coverage with the fewest number of access points. We then combine that design with one of the best wireless solutions in the industry (Extreme Networks) to configure your wireless network to work perfectly, everywhere, all the time. And we do so with security measures that are so good that it’s safer than a wired network. And finally, we monitor every single access point. If one stops working our team of support engineers is automatically notified and we work with you to resolve the issue. Learn more about our Extreme Networks implementation and managed wireless services

access control services

Access Control

Modern wireless technologies allow you to control who has access to which resources. You can integrate wireless authentication with any LDAP server so that wireless access is controlled by user privileges. Users are authenticated the minute they log on to their computer.

guest services

Guest Services

Nearly every business has guests who, from time to time, need access to the internet. Guest services integrated into your wireless network solutions solves the problem of unsecure and potentially dangerous computers accessing your LAN by creating a separate wireless network that is unencrypted but requires the user to login with a guest user ID and password.

In-Store WiFi Solutions

In-Store WiFi Solutions

Nearly every restaurant, coffee shop, and retailer offers their guests some type of internet access. But providing access to customers requires more than simply installing a wireless access point and letting them go. Controlling the traffic and providing content filtering eliminates potential problems with guests. Having a “Terms of Use Policy” that must be accepted by the end user reduces liability from malicious use of the network. Cerdant’s wireless network design team can work with your company to provide the internet access your guests need without compromising your own security.