Cerdant SentryXDR

SOC as a Service That Goes Way Beyond just Installing a SIEM. Gain insight into your every day using data from all your network sources.

SentryXDR Empowers Your People & Technology to Make Sense of Your Data

Identify potential risks and correlations, leveraging machine learning analytics to take action. SentryXDR brings this to your business without significant time and financial costs tied to in-house IT resources.

cerdant sentryxdr

At Cerdant, we see organizations struggle daily with an overwhelming amount of security data and not enough human resources to manage it.

SentryXDR combines powerful AI and Machine Learning driven SIEM technology with our experienced team of SOC analysts to deliver only the most relevant and actionable alerts in real-time.

We know one size does not fit all and designed multiple options to bring SIEM to the masses.

The Sentry Portfolio Includes

Each service level gives you access to experienced security analysts that become an extension of your team and treat your business like it was their own.

SentryXDR Edge

Your firewall is the gate for all traffic moving in and out of your network. SentryXDR Edge helps you achieve increased threat visibility by analyzing and correlating the logs produced by your firewall for both known, and unknown, threats and behavioral anomalies.

SentryXDR Insights

Move to the next level of visibility by analyzing additional sources of log data from your network. In addition to the firewall, we work with you to identify 2 additional priority data sources on your network to create a more comprehensive view of threats that would otherwise go unnoticed.

SentryXDR 360

The only way to achieve full security threat visibility is to access and monitor the millions of events that are produced by all data sources on your network daily.

SentryXDR 360 gets you there by doing just that. From your user endpoints to wireless APs to switches, we collect and correlate streams of data from all relevant sources in your environment to give you a full 360-degree picture.

Organizations Are Facing More Challenges

Many organizations fall short of achieving true threat visibility due to siloed log management solutions, costly & time-consuming infrastructure changes and limited and unspecialized staff, just to name a few. We are working to move you beyond the traditional approach to build a comprehensive cybersecurity posture for any size organization.

The Technology

The SentryXDR platform goes beyond using the log data, simple analysis for correlation of events and applying rules for data analysis. SentryXDR leverages:

  • Elastic Computing Power
  • Dynamic Threat Models
  • User and Entity Behavioral Analyics (UEBA)
  • Threat Intelligence Feeds
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • AI with Actionable Intelligence
  • Proprietary Feature Engineering
  • Anomaly Detection Algorithms

Key SentryXDR Benefits

Reduce MTTR With Automatic Threat Remediation

Reduce MTTR With Automatic Threat Remediation

Reduce MTTR With Automatic Threat Remediation

Unrivaled Customer Experience

Continuous Compliance and Monitoring

Continuous Compliance and Monitoring

Continuous Compliance and Monitoring

Eliminate Staffing Burden

Rapid Incident Response

Rapid Incident Response