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Best Endpoint Security Solution

Cerdant is proud to recommend and support Cylance as one of the best endpoint security solutions on the market.

Cylance has changed the world of endpoint protection.

In recent years, what many know as traditional anti-virus has become one of the least effective, but still essential, layers of network security. These signature-based solutions can no longer provide sufficient protection against the complexity of today’s cyber threats but have still remained a necessary last line of defense within business networks. You no longer have to operate with only sub-par threat detection and prevention software. Cerdant’s managed endpoint threat detection and response service combines Cylance Artificial Intelligence Endpoint Security with our expert management to ensure that your endpoint protection is optimized for your specific environment.

The need for effective endpoint protection solutions has increased dramatically due to the rise in BYOD networks, remote employees and the large increases in phishing attacks and social engineering. The use of laptops and mobile devices to access company resources has created an ever-expanding security perimeter, making this layer of any company’s network security posture even more crucial in building a fully functional layered security program.

As an authorized Cylance Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Cerdant is uniquely positioned to bring you one of the best endpoint security solutions on the market as a fully packaged solution. With Cerdant’s Cylance managed security service, there is no limit to the hours of product support we will provide or the number of features we will help you deploy to ensure you are maximizing the potential of your technology investment. The Cylance AI endpoint security software will analyze and evaluate objects in less than 100 milliseconds and prevents the threat’s execution upon detection. Cylance also uses sophisticated AI and machine learning with minimal updates and maintenance to perform at a 99.99% efficacy rate.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to build predictive models, Cylance can statically analyze any object on the endpoint and detect even “undetectable” malware in real time. The speed of response is crucial when the difference between detecting a threat and letting it breach security can come down to milliseconds.

Identification at DNA Level

Much like reading the DNA of a person, Cylance reads and maps the DNA of every file to detect and identify malicious and threatening software, fileless malware and malicious documents. This endpoint protection solution uses the most sophisticated technology to investigate files at their DNA level, identify and learn what threats and anomalies look like, then prevents their access to the network.

Minimal Updates & Maintenance

Constantly updating your endpoint threat detection and response software is a necessity of signature based endpoint protection solutions and will leave your information vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches if you fail to do so. As it does not require signature updates like traditional AV solutions, Cylance is a low-maintenance, minimal-updates-needed solution for your company’s endpoint security.

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