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Cerdant managed security services provides comprehensive network security solutions for any size business.

Today’s advanced networks allow businesses to share information with their employees, business partners and customers.

The growth of cloud-based solutions allows businesses to leverage the power and cost advantages of the Internet. But with the advance of these systems and networks comes exposure to losses from viruses, hackers, spyware and other threats, which is why you should trust Cerdant as your network security solution provider.

Securing a network requires more than just the latest in hardware and software. Security is an ongoing process, not a singular event. Maintaining up-to-date network security can be costly and resource intensive. Properly monitoring and reviewing security systems is a daily process requiring specialized personnel with hard-to-find skills. For many companies, a policy quickly becomes only a guideline due to a lack of attention or the experienced staff to respond to the ever-changing threats.

Cerdant solves these business challenges with a comprehensive suite of security products and services.

Our state-of-the-art systems and 24x7x365 management capabilities are designed to protect your valuable information and networks. As your managed network security solution provider, we give you peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on your business.

Whether your company has a few employees at a single location or an enterprise with thousands of employees at multiple locations, Cerdant has a network security solution to fit every business. Our security solutions allow you to improve total network security while reducing costs. We become your trusted network security partner, providing the support and information required to address the constantly changing threats to your information assets.

Cerdant certified personnel install and configure your firewall for maximum security. Our network security services include unlimited technical support, system maintenance, configuration backup and repair or replacement of defective equipment. Our automated incident and response escalation begins whenever a security event or system failure is detected.

Pro-Active Security Monitoring

Pro-active network security monitoring by our automated systems and trained security professionals provides a complete security solution for your network, making us one of the top managed service providers. Our Threat Detection System tracks network usage and alerts our staff in the event of suspicious activity. Our personnel investigate those events and, if appropriate, contact you to assist with resolution.

Network Monitoring Solutions

We continuously monitor all of our customer’s networks with advanced real time network monitoring systems to assess their health and security. In the event of a failure by any monitored device, our personnel are notified and respond immediately.

Pervidio Reporting System

Pervidio is the most comprehensive on-line reporting tool for SonicWALL Products. With Pervidio, you can create reports that help you manage your network by identifying bandwidth, content and application usage as well as many other activities. Learn more about Pervidio here.

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