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SonicWall Firewall Tech Support

Cerdant’s SonicWall support and managed security services program provides unlimited access to an extensive team of SonicWall certified network security engineers to help support your cybersecurity infrastructure while you focus on your business.

Since 2002, our singular focus has been to build the most comprehensive managed security service program for the SonicWall product line offered by any SonicWall partner. Today, we have grown the largest and most experienced team of SonicWall certified engineers outside of SonicWall itself.  Whether you’re in need of SonicWall firewall support, or implementation services for other SonicWall product offerings, Cerdant’s SonicWall managed security services program will provide a wide range of professional services for your most valuable technology investments.

Why focus on SonicWall?

We are often asked why we have continued to focus our managed security service program on SonicWall products over the years. The answer is quite simple. We believe that SonicWall’s continued ability to innovate has allowed them to build a full suite of award winning cybersecurity solutions for every layer of network security that consistently performs among industry leaders. There are many SonicWall resellers, but as a SonicWall SecureFirst Platinum Partner, we have built the engineering resources, knowledge base and proprietary systems needed to effectively leverage this next generation technology to build a truly layered network security program for your business.

Cerdant is a trusted partner in managing SonicWall technology for businesses of all sizes and in every major vertical across the US and over 2 dozen foreign countries.

Your partner in network security

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We know that modern IT professionals hold a variety of responsibilities in managing networks today and needs can change daily, which is why we offer an unparalleled level of flexibility and unmatched SLAs in our SonicWall technical support and management programs. Unlimited enterprise level support and change management combined with the development of proprietary threat detection, reporting and network uptime monitoring systems are just a few of the reasons why our very first customer is still a customer today.

Remote Implementation

A successful installation is a vital step in establishing simplified technology management going forward. Cerdant’s remote SonicWall configuration and installation service allows you to focus on managing your network while we build a configuration to your exact specifications and with no limits placed on features and/or functionality deployed. We also provide a period of our SonicWall support and managed security services with each implementation to ensure your SonicWall products are performing to your expectations before considering your project complete.

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